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Ecommerce Solutions

Our Ecommerce Solutions services are geared towards businesses looking to export their products from Nepal to abroad.

We can help your shop and products get listed on Websites such as Facebook, Taobao, WeChat Shop, Alibaba, eBay, google shop, amazon, Etsy, Lazada etc.

We help brands and companies reach a global market with potential millions of customers through Ecommerce. 

Digital Marketing and Branding strategy 

As a registered authorized export company. Guide you through every export procedure

like payments, Certification and documentation, Export Packaging choosing proper exit logistics options.

To quickly and safely deliver your products to your customer globally.

What sort of products do you generally export?

Our main exports products are usually handicraft items.

What type if products are suitable for exporting from Nepal?

We suggest you check our export page for more information on products that are being exported from Nepal.