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Import Services

We are also proud to provide you with our digital service called Fast Quotations. Where by you can get an approximate time and price quotation for the product of your choice to be delivered at your doorstep from China.

We provide tailored services for our clients at each and every step of the importing process. We can help you in not only the procurement of your goods, but also help you find a suitable business partner or supplier to grow your business further.



A: The delivery time depends on the type of cargo you intend to Import and the type of method you choose.

We can Arrange you EMS delivery m

How should I Import my cargo?

There are basically 3 ways to Import your cargo into Nepal

1) Land Route : This is the most common way to import goods into Nepal. Almost on average 90% of goods clear customs in Nepal through this method. Normally it takes 2 months on average to receive cargo through land route.

2) Air Route : This is the most convenient way for receiving goods and also the fastest. On average only 10% of cargo enters Nepal through this route because of relative high costs. You can get documents and parcels delivered within a week through EMS. Or cargo that’s less than 20kg.

3) Sea route : As Nepal doesn’t have any access to the ocean. All sea bound cargo first travels to ports in India and then clears customs via Land Customs like Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar etc. to enter Nepal.

Due to the COVID ~ 19 all shipments have been delayed for additional 3 months