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We provide services to businesses from small to medium scale to help them exports their products from Nepal.

Our services are geared towards businesses that want to export their products globally.

Our service includes:


We also provide our services to local business who wish to export their products. In general, we outline a comprehensive strategy for you by where we take the products in your inventory and help them at each and every step of export procedure.

Export Services

China Market Entry

E-commerce Solutions

Documentation and certifications of goods

  • Price negotiations
  • Letters of credit

Export service - China Market-entry strategy

We provide tailored made services for businesses that wan to enter the Chinese market and establish a footprint there:

The 4 pillars of our strategy are: –

  • Local Representation
  • Market Assessment
  • Supply Chain & Distributions
  • Advertising & Marketing


If you feel that your products have a competitive edge or a unique selling point. Please contact us with a complete catalogue and portfolio of the products you want to export.